Episode 86 - Best Films 2017

Dave and Cathy run through 2017 in cinema. Their top 5 movies, honourable mentions, biggest letdowns and overall worst title of the year. They do all this whilst very tired on a plane and then along the seafront in Ireland... because, why not?

Episode 81 - Geostorm

Cathy drives home from Geostorm with special guest Nick, an emergency planning expert who can scientifically prove that this movie is complete nonsense. He's essentially the real-life equivalent of Dr. Gerard Butler.

Episode 76 - Top Gun (1986)

Dave and Cathy went to an outdoor screening of Top Gun in the summer, with special guest sisters Jacqui and Elisabeth - who had never seen Top Gun, and knew nothing about it. This episode contains lots of bad singing. It's impossible to resist.

Episode 74 - Grease (1978)

Dave and Cathy walked home from a Grease outdoor sing-a-long back in July. On the way home they discussed the average age of Rydell High's students, what the perks of being a Pink Lady are and the complete lack of chemistry between Danny and Sandy.

BONUS: Cathy's Dad on Dunkirk

Cathy's Dad Jimmy saw Dunkirk and unlike Cathy and Dave, he has actual historical knowledge of the event. On a quick phone call from Ireland, he tells Cathy why he considers the movie to be an unrealistic depiction of the evacuation. 

Episode 73 - The Limehouse Golem

Dave and Cathy are still waiting for their baby to show, so they went to serial-killer thriller The Limehouse Golem, with special guest mother Linda.

The movie was so dark and the cinema so cosy that Linda comfortably slept through most of it.