Episode 50 - One from the Heart (1982)

Dave and Cathy are joined by Martin and Sam from the "Song by Song" podcast. They watch Francis Ford Coppola's 1982 disaster, which bankrupted a studio, derailed his career, but at least bagged Tom Waits an Oscar nomination for the soundtrack.

Episode 43 - Fast and Furious 8

Dave and Cathy walk home from "F8: Fast Fate 2 Furiously Fast - Family Edition", the latest in the ongoing soap-opera that is The Fast and the Furious. 

Note: Cathy says the word 'stupid' more than they say the word 'family'. 

Episode 40 - Beauty and the Beast

Cathy saw a special screening of Beauty and the Beast weeks before its release, but forgot to invite Dave. To make things worse, she also saw lots of exclusive Star Wars and Marvel stuff that she cares nothing about.

Episode 36 - The Invisible Man

Dave walks to the pub with guests Lee, Tom and Scott after a trip to The Invisible Man (1933) at London's historic Regent Street Cinema. 

If you want to play a fun drinking game, take a drink every time somebody says the words "throttle" or "throttling". 

Episode 35 - Fences (w/ bonus Rogue One chat)

Dave and Cathy walk home from Fences, Denzel Washington's feature directorial debut, adapted from the August Wilson play he also starred in with Viola Davis.

Joining them is special guest star Bronagh, who is forced to defend Rogue One from Dave for a bonus "Inside the House" podcast after the Fences review. 

Episode 34 - The Lego Batman Movie

Dave (no Cathy this week, sadly) walks laps of the BFI Imax at London Waterloo with special guests Kobi and Helen from the Flixwatcher podcast.

This episode features a Lego Batman Would You Rather challenge, a GPS tracker and a surprising amount of maths. 

Episode 33 - Fifty Shades Darker

Dave gatecrashes Cathy's Ladies Night for a Valentine's Day Cinemile special, with SIX (count em) special guests - Tessa, Ash, Jacqui, Catherine, Anna and Gill. 

This episode includes: 
- Dave reading extracts from Fifty Shades of Grey
- A round of Billionaire Playboy Snog Marry Avoid
- Fifty Shades trivia
- Alcohol
- Genuine pub sound effects
- One of the worst movies we've ever seen