Episode 81 - Geostorm

Cathy drives home from Geostorm with special guest Nick, an emergency planning expert who can scientifically prove that this movie is complete nonsense. He's essentially the real-life equivalent of Dr. Gerard Butler.

Episode 76 - Top Gun (1986)

Dave and Cathy went to an outdoor screening of Top Gun in the summer, with special guest sisters Jacqui and Elisabeth - who had never seen Top Gun, and knew nothing about it. This episode contains lots of bad singing. It's impossible to resist.

Episode 74 - Grease (1978)

Dave and Cathy walked home from a Grease outdoor sing-a-long back in July. On the way home they discussed the average age of Rydell High's students, what the perks of being a Pink Lady are and the complete lack of chemistry between Danny and Sandy.

BONUS: Cathy's Dad on Dunkirk

Cathy's Dad Jimmy saw Dunkirk and unlike Cathy and Dave, he has actual historical knowledge of the event. On a quick phone call from Ireland, he tells Cathy why he considers the movie to be an unrealistic depiction of the evacuation. 

Episode 73 - The Limehouse Golem

Dave and Cathy are still waiting for their baby to show, so they went to serial-killer thriller The Limehouse Golem, with special guest mother Linda.

The movie was so dark and the cinema so cosy that Linda comfortably slept through most of it. 

Episode 69 - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Dave walks around Trafalgar Square with special guest Dr. Stuart Higgins from the award-winning "Scientists not the Science" podcast. 

They unpack everything that was great about Luc Besson's newest blockbuster sci-fi spectacular and everything that was NOT great. One of those lists is slightly longer than the other. 

Episode 68 - Game of Thrones: S7E5

Dave and Cathy stay in and watch the latest Game of Thrones ep with special guest sisters Jacqui and Elisabeth.

We start the episode by apologising for mispronouncing Dothraki, and swiftly make an even worse pronunciation of Prince Rhaegar.

Episode 66 - Game of Thrones: S7E4

Dave and Cathy stay in and watch one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones yet, with more reunions than a Real Housewives special. Oh ya, and there was a dragon.

WARNING: Spoilers for every episode of Game of Thrones that has aired to date.